The Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set has really taken off, no pun intended.

After going to ASHA in November and to CESA-5 Speech-Language Symposium in Wisconsin this past weekend, I am so excited by the positive response for the Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set.


Let’s face it. Some of the drill and practice that we do with kids is not all that fun. When something as difficult as speech is to certain children, the last thing we want to do is to make it painful and boring. That is why I created the Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set.


The concept is simple – Kids match pictures to the magnetic board and then poke them out the other side. What can I say? Kids LOVE pushing the pieces out and watching them fall. They can actively participate while practicing difficult sound sequences.


30 boards in one! This board contains the Starter Set of 10 pictures of common objects. In addition, though, there are 29 other sets of pictures and overlays that completely change the practice board. So, if you are working on vowels and vowel combinations, you use the Vowel magnets and overlay. If you are working on Consonant-Vowel productions with another child, you can choose between the CV magnets/overlays. Does a student need two words phrases? Grab the two-word phrase magnets/overlay. Click HERE see all of the magnet/overlay sets of Level 1.

Special FREE offer –

There may be many of you who work in a clinic or school who would want to share the Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set with your colleagues. I have an exciting opportunity for you to get one FREE Blast Off Board STARTER SET!


Manufacturing can sometimes create products that have slight defects that cannot be sold to a customer. This happened with the Blast Off Board Starter Set. I have a number of boards where the shapes printed on the front are just slightly off center. The quality is still excellent, and the board can be used exactly as it was intended. Please see the picture of the defective board below, and you may not be able to tell that there is any problem with the board at all.

Anyone purchasing a Blast Off Board Level 1, Blast Off Board Level 2, or the combination of Level 1 and Level 2, will receive an ADDITIONAL FREE BLAST OFF BOARD Starter Set. You will receive the “defective” board and the 10 magnets that accompany the Starter Board. This is a $30 value and will give you a chance to share the entire Sound Sequencing Set with a colleague.


This special offer remains as long as supplies last. You must add the Starter Set to your cart AND also use the coupon code, STARTER, to receive this extra board. (Please note your cart will be credited $35 to cover the cost of the Starter Set and shipping of it)

Shop here for the products:

FREE Blast Starter Set: Click HERE (With Purchase Below)

Blast Off Level 1: Click HERE

Blast Off Level 2: Click HERE

Blast Off Level 1 &2: Click HERE

This special offer is also valid though Purchase Orders. Please call or e-mail us!

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