The Lion of Tupungato – A Great Book, Great Read, and Great Cause

A Great Book, Great Read, and Great Cause

The Lion of Tupungato

I am sitting, drinking coffee, in Minnesota finishing a lovely book on a cool spring day. I thought I would share this book, The Lion of Tupungato, with you as it truly “warms” my heart.

A bit about the book and its author and illustrator,

Leanne M Benson

Leanne is a friend of mine and the author AND illustrator of “The Lion of Tupungato.”  In fact, Leanne is my daughter’s mother-in-law. Several years ago, she had a story in her head that she felt compelled to get on paper. She was initially motivated to write this book to support children fighting blood cancer (leukemia and lymphoma), but her story has certainly evolved into much more. This delightful book pulls at my heart strings and can give hope to others who are facing challenges in life. That pretty much includes all of us. We all have challenges – some greater than others, but none are exempt.

Why is this book so important to me?

The Lion of Tupingato and Leanne’s desire to use some of the profits of her book for blood cancer research especially touches me. Those of you who know me, know that our daughter, Kelsey, is a 21 year leukemia survivor. Without research dollars for blood cancer, I would not have had the honor of watching Kelsey grow up and thrive. But there is still so much to do in the area of childhood cancer. Blood cancer is still a leading cause of death in children, treatments are incredibly toxic, and they can leave lifelong health issues.

Lion of Tupungato porcelain figure

I ask that you all take a look at The Lion of Tupungato. In addition to the book, Leanne has created a limited number of sculptures of the “Lion” from this book. I have attached a picture so you can see how beautiful they are. Leanne is an amazing artist, and the illustrations in the book and sculptures are as incredible as the story.

Please read some additional information that Leanne gave me about her book and her hopes for the readers.

Leanne M. Benson is a local Minnesota author and artist, who has just released her first book, “The Lion of Tunungato.”. “The Lion of Tupungato” is about a young teen, who figures out some of life’s biggest challenges; sometimes with excitement and other times with trepidation. Talking about our insecurities and fears can be daunting. Leanne admits, “The characters in this story allowed me to examine some of life’s obstacles and hopefully open the door of communication for others.”

For years, Leanne has pictured readers enjoying her story. Looking back, she remembers, “It was during long walks that I would become the most honest with my feelings and emotions. Writing and rewriting, in order to stay true to each character’s personality throughout the story, and until the most meaningful life lessons had been created, my dream was to have others enjoy and be touched by the lessons in my book. We’ve all been a little broken at times in our lives. It is my hope that this uplifting story provides inspiration, comfort, and guidance to those fighting lymphoma, leukemia, other cancers and illnesses, bullying, inequality, or anything that makes us feel less of a person.”

Leanne is excited to get this enchanted story, with her own thirty charming illustrations, into the hands of readers of all ages. This book was crafted with advanced readers, fifth grade and older in mind, however, testimonials from grandparents and parents have expressed how much they enjoyed sharing this story with children much younger.

How can I get Leanne’s book?

Leanne’s book is sold on Amazon. Check out  her website, with a link to the Amazon page. To reach Leanne with any questions , to purchase a figurine, or to receive a signed copy of her book, send her an email through her website. At the bottom of her home page is an email contact.

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