Animation Station 5 & 6 – Speech and language practice that’s fun!

You have asked for more Animation Station videos. We listened! The Animation Station 5 & 6 Set is HERE and ON SALE!

Yes, Animation Station 5 & 6 is here and on sale! We have talked to countless speech-language pathologists, early childhood teachers, ELL teachers, and parents who absolutely LOVE our Animation Station videos. We have created one last set that includes most of the remaining songs from our audio song sets 1, 2, 3, and 5.

Here are the songs that are included in this final set.

Audio-Visual Movies on Animation Station 5 Songs Objectives of each song

1. Walking Elephants – Action imitation

2. On the Farm Farm – animals

3. Animal School – Animal actions

4. Ah Choo – Imitation of “ah choo,” animals sounds,

5. Horsie Go to Town – Interaction song

6. Tongue Tip Time – T, D, N in syllables

7. Who Are You? – Animal sounds and Wh questions

8. Put the Sound on the End – Final consonants in words

9. Bouncy – Interaction song

10. Yee Haw – Animals and animal sounds

11. Row Your Boat – Interaction song

12. The New BMW – B, M, W in syllables

Audio-Visual Movies on Animation Station 6 Songs Objectives of each song

1. Ball, Ball, Ball – Interaction with playing ball

2. Bath Time – Body parts/Bath words

3. Express Train – Taking turns talking

4. Fish, Birds, and Bunnies – Gross motor imitation

5. Hissing Snake – S sound in isolation, CV, and words

6. Jump on the Choo Choo – Ch and J sounds in CV, and words

7. Monkey Song – Vowels and actions

8. Monkeys in a Tree – Action imitation

9. Monkeys on a Bed – Action imitation

10. No, No Nigh Night – N sound and vocabulary for bedtime

11. Ride the Horsie – Yand W sounds

12. Wheels – W sound

What formats are included in Animation Station 5 & 6?

Animation Station 5 & 6 are available on a USB flashdrive or a DVD. In both of those, you will receive m4v and mov formats. These formats make it easy to transfer from your computer to your iPad through your iTunes player. Our movies are also excellent to use with a Smartboard. If you purchase the DVD set, you will also receive the DVD format that you can play with a standard DVD player. In addition, a file with printable movie request sheets

and printable manuals are included in the set.

What do others say about Animation Station videos?

Here are some quotes from our happy customers.

Animation Station is essential to my therapy. I typically include 2-3 songs when working with Early Intervention clients. It is fun and easy to incorporate hand movements, sign or manipulatives. Children with ASD and CAS can also benefit through the video modeling component. Parents related their child sings Animation Station all week long! I only wish ALL of Miss Rachel’s songs had video accompaniment. Miss Helen Demetrion, Speech-Language Pathologist

My young non-English speaking students enjoyed these shows so much! Even the custodians at the school walked by humming the tunes! The shows are versatile, interesting and fun. The high school ELL learners watched the shows and enjoyed them! I would highly recommend them! These would be an excellent addition to any teacher’s toolbox! Jan Strootman, Elementary Teacher and Teacher of English in an International School in Minsk, Belarus

Why are Talk It Rock It songs unique?

As Hans Christian Andersen once said, “Where words fail, music speaks.” Every song is amazing in its own right. The songs I select, though, can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of speech and language therapy. In every song I write or use, I consider the repetition, the lyrics/vocabulary, the rate of the song, the pitch, the embedded speech and language techniques, and the encouragement to actively participate. Those factors are important to assess when using songs as a therapy tool. I’m certainly not professing that my songs and videos are the end-all-be-all, but I’m confident that they would be helpful to you if you work with young children from toddlers to early elementary age.

How do others use our Animation Station videos?

Parents and professionals have used our videos for a variety of purposes.

1. Many have used them in small group circle times. The vocabulary focuses on common words in a kid’s world or very specific speech and language goals, making them perfect for any preschool groups.

2. Other speech-language pathologists have used specific song videos during individual therapy, pausing the videos frequently to discuss the pictures and practice the targeted words of the song.

3. Finally, parents have used these videos for home practice as an extension to the therapy their child is getting. Parents who are home schooling their children have especially found our videos helpful for speech practice, language lessons, and literacy.


Enjoy our New Release Sale on Animation Station 5 & 6. Use the coupon code, Animation, at check-out for $5 off Animation Station 5 & 6, available on either DVD or USB. Regular price is $29.99. This sale expires Aug. 15, 2019. Perhaps you want to try all of our Animation Station Sets, 1 & 2, 3 & 4, and 5 & 6. If that is the case, we have now bundled them in sets. You can purchase all three of these sets or two of the sets for a discount. Go to our website here to read more about our bundle movie sets.

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