Using consistent vocabulary during daily routines increases imitation.

When doing our day to day routine with our granddaughters, sometimes the smallest daily routines can be the most valuable in teaching the littlest one to say words.

With frequent repetition comes more consistent imitation

I especially love the little routines where words can be repeated frequently. For example, we say “up” when going up each step and say “down” when going down each step. These have both become consistent routines. Saying, “wash, wash, wash” when washing her hands after each meal has also become a routine. Saying “ick” each time I change her diaper is a fun word to say that makes her laugh, She now initiates this word on her own. We have included many other steps to these routines. It is just important to remember, though, that a “routine” can be anything very small, very short, and very simple.

Use these techniques to increase imitation and vocabulary

Initially, my granddaughter did not say anything during these routines, but I continued saying these words with the following techniques in mind.

  1. Use motion or gestures in conjunction with the words you say.
  2. Say each word with excitement or exaggeration in your voice.
  3. Occasionally use chains of 3 when saying a word such as “wash, wash, wash.”
  4. To increase imitation, initially keep the words simple, at the level or just slightly above a child’s level.
  5. Be consistent and persistent, consistently using the same word or phrase each time you do that activity.
  6. After your child has heard this modeled for a couple of weeks, you may want to say, “your turn” to help your child know that you would love him to verbally participate, too.
  7. After your child has heard this many times, occasionally be quiet to see if your child initiates the word on his own.

These techniques are just a few of the things I have used with my granddaughter who is still at the single word level, not yet changing the vowel on 2 syllable words, and is just approaching 2 word phrases. Although she is doing great, there are many things to work on, and I am loving every minute of it.

The Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set has become one of our routines

To help her with her sound sequencing ability, I have also pulled out my Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set. She absolutely loves it! She loves poking the pictures out the back side of the board. She loves pointing to the pictures with that “push-point” action. She loves matching the pictures to the front of the board. And she attempts to imitate every sound or word several times we play. She is so motivated with this activity. Her 5 year sister also loves being a part of the “game.” Using the Blast Off Board has helped me see which sound sequences are still a challenge for her and which ones are great to practice throughout our day.

The Blast Off Board is a must-have tool for speech practice

In working with young children who need frequent practice imitating words and phrases, I have not found anything as motivating as the Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set. You can purchase just the board with 10 common object magnets or additional magnetic overlays and magnet pieces following a sound sequenced hierarchy typical for apraxia therapy. We also have entire sets, Level 1 and Level 2. Check out the Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set here and watch the video demonstrating how to use it. Whether you want to teach children how to point, match, scan for pictures, imitate words, or practice a variety of speech sound sequences, the Blast Off Board will become a must-have therapy tool for you.

Sale on any Blast Off Board item

For the next two weeks, you can get any Blast Off Board Set, the Starter Set, Level 1, Level 2, the Combo Level 1&2, the Canvas Bag, or the individual Magnetic Overlay and Magnet Sets for 10% off. Use the coupon code, Funspeechpractice, at check-out to receive this offer. Offer is good until Sept. 1, 2020.

The Blast Off Board is washable

As you get ready for the school year and with Covid-19 concerns, you may need tools that are easily washable. Every portion of the Blast Off Board, the magnets, and the magnetic overlays are easily washable. Instead of picture cards that cannot be washed, try the Blast Off Board. To create more active speech practice as opposed to apps, try the push-point action on the Blast Off Board.

Best wishes for a great start to your school year.

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