A simple idea to physically distance your preschool groups

I have been thinking of all of you who are preparing for your classrooms, small groups, speech and language therapy, and other learning activities for your young students. I worked with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers for the last 25 years of my career. The thought of keeping children separated is simply overwhelming to me. So, I have scrolled through the rolodex of my mind and would like to share one idea that may help you. Read on.

Laundry Baskets could be a huge help in keeping children separated, regulated, and focused.

Many years ago, a colleague of mine was teaching a classroom of preschoolers with autism. Keeping them in circle time was impossible. In the corner of the classroom, she spotted a laundry basket, put it in circle time, and put one of the students in it. This little guy was especially having a hard time and was a child who found it so difficult to be touched by anyone. She didn’t expect that the laundry basket was going to keep him there, but to her surprise, he LOVED it. He immediately calmed down and stayed in the entire circle time. The following week, my friend bought 7 additional laundry baskets for every child in the class. They were a huge hit! 

I’m sure many of you use carpet squares, masking tape on the floor, or even hula hoops to mark the floors for small group learning. But what about those children who simply won’t stay put? You have two options – do motor activities that keep kids moving or figure out what tools or techniques help children stay engaged and present.

Laundry baskets can create a child’s own space without feeling confined.

There are so many benefits to using a laundry basket. They can become a “reading basket.” They can become a bus, car, train, boat, plane, or space ship. They can help a child feel safe and secure without having to hold a child in your lap. The walls of the laundry basket can be used for turn taking activities such as pulling scarves back and forth while practicing words.

Use laundry baskets with our songs emphasizing vehicles.

The following songs in our song sets all focus on vehicles. They would be excellent for keeping your kids in the group. If you have a theme of vehicles, use these songs to teach vocabulary deeply, experience moving, learn parts of a vehicle, learn what vehicles do, and imitate words, phrases, and sound sequences.

Imitation Exploration Song Set 1 –

  • Express Train
  • Go In My Car
  • Booga Choo Choo

Rock and Roll with a Language Goal Song Set 2

  • Go

Drills for Sounds Song Set 3

  • Jump on the Choo Choo
  • Wheels
  • Bus, Boat, and Bike

These song sets also come with printable illustrations that children can use to follow along as the song is played. Kids learn more effectively when they can actively participate and can learn vocabulary using multiple senses. Our songs plus visuals do that. Combine them with movement, and you have an excellent learning tool.

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