Alpaca Pearl Packs for Peru engages kids at a neighborhood story time.

Have you ever witnessed an incredible teacher at work? I had the honor of doing that today. Jeanette Lapore, an early childhood teacher, uses her summer to lead story time in her front yard. She has had up to 45 children attend, and she is a master at making books come alive. Today she used […]

Directly Teaching the Child is One Component of Routines Based Intervention

Don’t under-estimate the effect you have on parents and your clients, and don’t under-estimate the power of direct teaching as well. If you are an early intervention provider, I’m sure you are focused on routines based intervention. I am a huge believer in that approach. In saying that, though, I challenge you to really think […]

Let’s Celebrate Down Syndrome Month – Suggestions for using music with kids with Down Syndrome

October is Down Syndrome Month. Over the past 40 years (yikes!), I have had the pleasure of working with many children with Down Syndrome. I have had the honor of watching them grow into young, delightful adults. I have watched them dance, smile, talk, read, sing, go to college, and care for others. That is […]

Thematic Speech and Language Goals of Talk It Rock It Song SETS

We have so many songs, and may be difficult to know what song to choose for a particular language concept or speech sound. To guide you, we have grouped our songs according to very specific speech and language goals, anywhere from categories of objects to sound sequencing practice. Many of our songs contain multiple speech […]

When life doesn’t take you where you would expect – A heartbreaking and hopeful story from a fellow SLP

I worked a number of years with this amazing woman, Amy Beth Pederson.   She and I were speech-language pathologists in a birth to three program in Minnesota. I LOVED working with Amy.  We worked very well together and mutually respected each other’s strengths. As years went on, Amy was drawn to other areas of interest […]

A simple idea to physically distance your preschool groups

I have been thinking of all of you who are preparing for your classrooms, small groups, speech and language therapy, and other learning activities for your young students. I worked with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers for the last 25 years of my career. The thought of keeping children separated is simply overwhelming to me. So, […]

Using consistent vocabulary during daily routines increases imitation.

When doing our day to day routine with our granddaughters, sometimes the smallest daily routines can be the most valuable in teaching the littlest one to say words. With frequent repetition comes more consistent imitation I especially love the little routines where words can be repeated frequently. For example, we say “up” when going up […]

My hubby has affirmed a few things about parent coaching

Direct teaching is a key component in coaching. Let me share two stories about singing and reading with our little one. For the past few months, my hubby and I have been caring for my two granddaughters a couple days per week during the Covid-19 pandemic. These days bring back memories of working with little […]

Speech and language intervention in your home – Some random thoughts on connecting with parents.

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, I have been caring for my two granddaughters a couple days per week during the Covid-19 pandemic. These days bring back memories of working with little ones and remembering things that helped me during those many years. This newsletter contains another random thought that may help you in […]

Addressing Screen Time Concerns During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Willow Sauermilch, M.A. CCC/SLP At a convention many years ago, I met Willow Sauermilch, a speech-language pathologist who had a particular interest in technology use with children. Because both of us know that technology can be an incredible learning tool and one that can have negative effects , we have stayed in touch over […]