Animation Station 5&6 DVD/USB Set


Includes Animation Station 5 and 6

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Giving kids the joy of short movies with songs that teach speech and language

Kids loves movies. Although we are proponents of limited screen time, we also know that our movies can be a wonderful learning tool for children, especially when enjoyed with a parent or educator.

All our Animation Station sets are short movies created from a random collection of our Song Sets 1, 2, 3, and 5. See song titles and basic goals of each written below as well as viewing samples.

Benefits of Animation Station 5 and 6

  • Gives children a mixture of
    • early vocabulary practice from our Imitation Exploration Set 1,
    • to more complex language concepts in Rock and Roll with a Language Goal Set 2,
    • to articulation practice songs from our Drills for Sounds Set 3
    • to animal sounds, names, and actions from our Animals Movin’ and Groovin’ Set 5
  • Kids stay attentive and enjoy learning with these short movies based on simple speech and language tasks.
  • Great for language lessons in preschool groups with a Smartboard, DVD player, or computer.

Great for all children but especially for

  • Toddlers – Screen time is not recommended for children under the age of 2
  • Preschoolers
  • Kids with apraxia
  • Kids with autism
  • Kids with delayed or limited speech and language skills
  • Kids of all ages depending on the child’s skill level – (We have found some older children who love our songs as they offered them enjoyable speech practice at a level they felt successful)
  • Excellent for children learning English as a second language (English Language Learners)

Product Details

  • 24 audio-visual movies created from our songs in Song Sets 1, 2, 3, and 5.
  • Contain actual photographs and printed words for early literacy.
  • Kids and adults singing together and taking verbal turns.
  • A manual with suggested activities to enhance each song.
  • A Song Request Sheet so children can request the movie they want to view.
  • Lyrics of every song.
  • Available on DVD discs or USB flashdrive.
  • Contains mp4 and mov files to transfer to an iPad or other device.


Song Names, Samples, and Goals

Audio-Visuals on Animation Station 5

Songs Objectives of each song
1. Walking Elephants Action imitation
2. On the Farm Farm animals
3. Animal School Higher level vocabulary and animal actions
4. Ah Choo Imitation of “ah choo,” animals sounds, and names
5. Horsie Go to Town Interaction song
6. Tongue Tip Time T, D, N in syllables
7. Who Are You? Imitation of animal sounds and Wh questions
8. Put the Sound on the End Final consonants in words
9. Bouncy Interaction song
10. Yee Haw Animals and animal sounds
11. Row Your Boat Interaction song
12. The New BMW B, M, W in syllables


Audio-Visuals on Animation Station 6


Songs Objectives of each song
1. Ball, Ball, Ball Interaction with playing ball
2. Bath Time Body parts/Bath words
3. Express Train Taking turns talking
4. Fish, Birds, and Bunnies Gross motor imitation
5. Hissing Snake S sound in isolation, CV, and words
6. Jump on the Choo Choo Ch and J sounds in isolation, CV, and words
7. Monkey Song Vowels and actions
8. Monkeys in a Tree Action imitation
9. Monkeys on a Bed Action imitation
10. No, No Nigh Night N sound and vocabulary for bedtime
11. Ride the Horsie Y and W sounds
12. Wheels W sound


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