Animals Movin’ and Groovin’ Animal Face Posters only


A collection of 12 Animal Face Posters from TIRI-205 printed on laminated 8.5 x 11 inch poster board.

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Benefits and goals

Animal Face Posters help children learn to

  • Imitate
  • Give eye contact
  • Take verbal turns
  • Understand the concept of “showing off” and taking others’ perspectives
  • Name animals and the sounds that they say

Animal face posters are excellent for

  • Children with Autism
  • Children with Apraxia
  • Children with limited or no ability to imitate sounds and words
  • Young children who like to sing songs about animals
  • Individual speech and language therapy sessions
  • Preschool groups

These Animal face posters can be purchased as a separate set or are also included with Song Set 5, Animals Movin’ and Groovin’ for just $10 more. In the Song Set 5, we have also included a file of these Animal Face Posters for you to print additional posters as needed for your clients. Use these posters with songs to get the full benefit.

Product Description

Animal Face Posters contain 12 different animal faces including a monkey, bird, horse, cow, rooster, elephant, lion, sheep, cat, dog, duck, and bee. They are made of heavy laminated cardstock. The center of each poster easily pops out and can be used as a matching task.

“I believe that anyone working with young children with speech and language delays should have a copy of these Animal Face Posters. In my work as a speech-language pathologist, the Animal Face Posters were an essential tool to teach the skill of imitation- a skill that many of my students were not picking up with the typical but excellent stimulation they received from their families. Use these posters with any animal song, but especially “Who Are You?” from Song Set 5. Sing it to the tune of 99 Bottles of Pop. Here are some simplified lyrics for you. “Who is the lion today, and what does the lion say? ROAR! (your turn) ROAR!”

                – Rachel Arntson, M.S., CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist


This item, the Animal Face Posters, is not eligible for Free domestic shipping unless purchased with the Song Set 5. The shipping charge is $5 per set of posters. All International orders will have a $10 shipping charge per item added at checkout



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