Social Singing by Talking Tunes


This set focuses entirely on using music to teach social skills for students on the autism spectrum. The included Power Points illustrate each song with photos of actual teenagers which make this set versatile for young children through high school.

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Social Singing contains 10 songs designed to teach students important skills in the areas of pragmatics and social skills. These songs contain a wide range of musical styles from pop to rap to country, and teach crucial social skills in fun, motivating, and realistic ways. The set also contains 10 Powerpoint presentations using photographs of people demonstrating and acting out the lyrics of the songs. These presentations can be printed into books or used on a computer during group or individual therapy sessions. Social Singing is appropriate for multiple ages from preschool through high school.

The songs in this set and the objectives of each song are:

  1. Space Invader – Personal space
  2. It Ain’t Fittin’ to be Spittin’ – Extinguishing unwanted behavior
  3. Can I Help You? – Identifying another person’s needs
  4. Insult Song – Differentiating between a compliment and an insult
  5. Interrupting Song – Identifying acceptable ways to get attention
  6. Your Teacher Goes Shopping Too – Appropriate social interactions
  7. I Need a Break – Identifying and practicing coping strategies
  8. Safe Strangers – Recognizing safe and unsafe strangers
  9. The Eyes – Eye contact in conversations
  10. Sometimes – Accepting mistakes and trying again
  11. Additional instrumental tracks

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