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Animation Station 2 is Talk It Rock It’s second audio-visual show depicting 12 songs from our CD sets; Imitation Exploration CD Set 1, Rock and Roll with a Language Goal CD Set 2, and Drills for Sounds CD Set 3. Play these audio-visual shows on your DVD/TV, load the files to your iPad, view on your computer, or project onto your SMART Board. These shows are excellent for both classroom activities and individual learning and can be used for all children whether they are developing speech and language normally, showing delays in learning to talk, or learning English as a second language.

The illustrations used in Animation Station 2 contain actual photographs of children and objects focused on the lyrics of the songs. Combining the visuals with the audio recording of the songs, these shows achieve a variety of goals including articulation of specific speech sounds, 2 word phrase production, common vocabulary words, action words, and concepts including prepositions and colors. In addition to these 13 presentations (The Puppy Song is illustrated in two separate audio-visual shows), you will find suggested activities printed to do with each song. We have also added a file of the lyrics for all 12 songs for your reference.

Audio-Visuals on Animation Station 2

1. Hi
2. Vowels
3. Puppy, Puppy, Puppy
4. People Puppy (a bonus track using the Puppy Song)
5. A Monkey, a Moose, a Mouse
6. Tiny Tony
7. Fish, Sharks, and Shells
8. Talk and Look
9. Bus, Boat, Bike
10. I See a Bug
11. Owie
12. Where Di My Shoes Go?
13. Snowman

Video sample of Animation Station 2

These shows contain actual photographs of children and objects focused on the lyrics of the songs. I have used the Vowel song in the past several weeks with many of my students, and I am thrilled with how they are responding to it. Whether you have a PC, a MAC, an iPad, or a DVD player, these shows will play on any of them.


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