What’s Your Favorite Color?


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This fun, tactile book helps kids learn color names, associate each color with a specific object (ie – green frogs), learn to understand and answer, “What’s your favorite color?” and point to objects while counting and saying the color name. Raised buttons pop on every page so kids can press them as you challenge them to name the color, name the object, or speak in phrases or sentences as they point. The patented pop-a-tronic technology resets itself from page to page to make for an irresistible popping experience!


What’s Your Favorite Color? gives children motivation to point to pictures as they listen to rhyming verses on each page. Here is an example of the printed copy in the book.


“What’s your favorite color?” the dog asked the frog.


“Green!” said the frog as he jumped off a log.


“Is green the best color there ever could be?”


“Yes,” said the frog, “it’s the color of me!”


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