Blast Off Board Starter Set



  • The Blast Off Board with 10 colored shapes printed on the front, 10 holes, and a scene printed on the back.
  • 10 magnets of common objects phonetically chosen for variety: owl, cow, bike, house, car, fish, wheel, dirty, bunny, monkey.
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Are you tired of using picture cards for speech practice? The Blast Off Board Starter Set combines speech practice with interaction, play, and fun and is especially geared for children with apraxia, articulation delays, or other sound sequencing disorders.  The Blast Off Board is a high quality, durable product made entirely in the USA.



What is the Blast Off Board Starter SetBased on the concept of our Push-Pull Puzzle, the Blast Off Board is a two-sided magnetic-receptive board with 10 holes cut into it. Children match the magnetic pictures to the front of the board and push them out the other side through the holes. Children have a “blast” while pushing the pictures that are embedded into a scene on the back. The 10 pictures in the Starter Set were chosen for phonetic variety.


You can purchase the Blast Off Board Starter Set separately, but it becomes 30 boards in 1 as you add magnets and overlays! Read in the Blast Off Board Level 1 and Level 2 Sound Sequencing Set pages for more information about this expandable, must-have product!


The Blast Off Board was originally created to help children learn to point to pictures upon request. A prototype of this board has been used extensively for the past 10 years by its creator, Rachel Arntson, Speech-Language Pathologist. Here are some of the concepts and skills that can be encouraged with the Blast Off Board Starter Set.

  • Identifying and naming common objects
  • Pointing to pictures upon request
  • Following a point
  • Taking turns
  • Answering questions such as “What’s that, Where is the ___, and Which one swims in the water, etc.?”
  • Matching shapes and colors


The Blast Off Board Starter Set is an excellent replacement for our popular Push-Pull Puzzle.


Are you interested in the Rotating Stand for the Blast Off Board? This
stand allows you to have your hands free and easily give magnet
pieces, switch magnetic overlays, and guide a child to match and point
to magnets. See below for the Rotating Stand.


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