Blast Off Board Level 2 Sound Sequencing Set


Level 2 includes

  • Blast Off Board and Starter magnets
  • 16 magnet sets (160 magnets) and 16 magnetic overlays of the following sound sequences in both single syllable and 2 syllable words:

  • Initial p
  • Initial b
  • Initial m
  • Initial t
  • Initial d
  • Initial n

  • Initial h
  • Initial w
  • Initial f
  • Initial s
  • Initial sh

  • Initial ch, j
  • Initial k
  • Initial g
  • Initial l
  • Initial r

  • Downloadable files with
    • Instructions and guidelines
    • Poems and song lyrics to familiar tunes – a great extension of the Blast Off Board
    • Checklists for each sound sequence for data keeping
  • A plastic 13 Folder Expandable File for easy storage


Click here for more information about the Level 2 Sound Sequencing Set

Do you want to add the canvas case to your Blast Off Board order for ease of carrying and increased durability?

Blast Off Board Canvas Carrying Case

The Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set (Level 1 and Level 2) comes with a plastic carrying case, but we have added this durable canvas bag to make it even easier to carry your sets. Both of the plastic carrying cases from Level 1 and Level 2 plus the Starter Set fit nicely in this bag.

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Articulation therapy that is fun!


The Blast Off Board just keeps expanding! The Blast Off Board can evolve into 16 different boards with the additional magnets and accompanying magnetic overlays from Level 2!



Level 2 focuses on consonants at beginning of words. Most of the words are consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) structures, but there are also 2 syllable words included in this set. This set can be used as a typical articulation set where you are working on beginning consonants. Because the pictures are typically CVC in structure, you can also focus on random final consonant productions.


Level 2 contains 16 magnet sets and overlays and covers initial consonants from p and b to r and l. You now have a new Blast Off Board specifically chosen for specific initial consonant articulation practice! Level 2 also comes with a download of instructions, poems, and songs as well as checklists that can be used for data keeping.


Are you interested in the Rotating Stand for the Blast Off Board? This
stand allows you to have your hands free and easily give magnet
pieces, switch magnetic overlays, and guide a child to match and point
to magnets. See below for the Rotating Stand.


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