Initial g


Although our sound sequencing sets can be purchased individually, you will experience a significant savings when purchasing the entire Level 2 as a complete set.

This set includes primarily 1 syllable, consonant-
vowel-consonant words emphasizing the beginning /g/ sound.

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These Individual Level 2 Sound Sequencing Sets are great if you need a specific sound or set of sounds as opposed to a complete set of Level 2. As seen in the picture on this page, this individual sequencing set comes with 10 magnets and a magnetic overlay that embeds those same magnets pictures in a scene. These individual sets are used with the Blast Off Board (sold separately) or with the Level 1 and Level 2 complete sets. Each overlay is placed on the back of the Blast Off Board and the magnets placed on the front to create an entirely new board.


Please keep in mind as you read about each individual sound sequencing set, that a complete set, Level 1 or Level 2, may be your best option.


Initial g TIRI-844


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