Hey There Educators, Who Needs You More?

I was sitting in a staff development workshop one day. As I sat there, I began drifting off, thinking about our students and then the teachers who have classrooms of children. I asked myself this question: Which child in your class needs you more?

The quiet one? The loud one? The crying one? The laughing one? The artistic one? The mechanical one? The budding writer? The amazing builder? The one mis-behaving? The one withdrawn? The parents who are always there? The parents who are never there? The child on free and reduced lunch? The child who has everything and needs to learn that sharing is an amazing virtue? The one who causes no trouble but gets lost in the shuffle? The one who gets noticed by everyone but usually gets negative attention? The one who can’t read? The one who reads well above age level? The one who never jumps to be first in line? The one who is always first in line? The one who gets bullied? The one who bullies others?

This list can be as long as there are children in the world. Every child is different and comes with a bag FULL of needs. The answer is that every child needs you more. It just depends on the day and the situation. It depends on the teachable moment at the time and who needs to learn it. It depends on who is struggling and who may be able to help a friend who is struggling. It just depends, doesn’t it?

Teaching is a mind boggling job. I have the utmost respect for all educators and especially those who teach a classroom. Best wishes for a new year!

I wrote a song while running today. It’s to the tune of Camptown Races (an excellent song for all sorts of speech and language practice.) This may help you as you teach your little ones this week or next. Have fun! The kids you teach are very special. Give them everything you’ve got!

We Are All in School Today

We are all in school today. Hooray! Hooray!

We are all in school today. Yes!!

!! Hooray!!!!

(repeat those two lines)

Some came in a car.

Some came in a bus.

Did anyone come in a plane? NO, NOT US!!!

Who all came to school today? Jacob, Kelsey, Erik, Sam

Who else came to school today? Robin and Phillip, too.

Some came in a car.

Some came in a bus.

Did anyone come in a boat? NO, NOT US!!!

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