Using Yoga with our Songs

Many of our songs encourage gross motor movement with verbal imitation and vocabulary learning. I was contacted recently by Tara Geller, a speech-language pathologist and yoga instructor who requested to use my Ah Choo video for a yoga movie. When I saw what she had created, I was thrilled. Yoga, which focuses on motor movements, also emphasizes relaxation, impulse control, breathing, attention, and so much more. Here’s a look at how yoga and speech and language can be done together.

Many of our songs in our song set, Animals Movin’ and Groovin’, encouraged motor movement. This set also comes with our Animal Face Posters. (Animal Face Posters do not accompany the download version of this set.)

Animation Station 5&6 video set also contains many songs that encourage motor movements with speech practice. 

Check out this video using our Ah Choo song combined with yoga.
Check out this video using our Monkeys in a Tree song combined with yoga.