Blast Off Board

Do you need a specific tool to teach children to point? Are you tired of using picture cards for speech practice? Do you want to expand language in a fun and functional way? The Blast Off Board combines speech and language practice and pointing practice with interaction, play, and fun. There are many components to the Blast Off Board, making it perfect for children with apraxia, articulation delays, sound sequencing disorders, autism, or language delay.

The Blast Off Board was created by a speech-language pathologist to achieve multiple speech and language goals. This board combines individual object magnets in the front of the board with those same objects embedded into a scene on the back. Children can more effectively learn vocabulary when objects are shown in a natural scene.

The Blast Off Board

  • Uses interactive “Push-Point” action to teach pointing.
  • Keeps kids engaged with speech practice from vowels to multi-syllables.
  • Expands language with different scenes and magnet sets.

Kids have fun while actively learning

  • Say the words
  • Match the pictures
  • Flip the board
  • Find the objects
  • Push and watch them fall

There are 4 components to the Blast Off Board:

  • Starter Set
  • Level 1 – Sound Sequencing hierarchy for children with apraxia and/or delayed speech
  • Level 2 – An Articulation Set focusing on initial consonant sounds
  • Language Set focusing on categories of objects for language expansion.


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