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Selecting the right song and visual sets

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Transferring songs, visuals, and movies to personal devices such as an iPad

Selecting the right song and visual sets

Are your songs for all kids?

Originally, I wrote our songs for children with speech and language delay. I am a speech-language pathologist and found that my students could not sing the standard children’s songs. I decided to write my own and included very specific speech and language goals within each song.

Although these songs are for children showing delays, I found that the typically developing siblings of my students loved the songs as well. Our songs are for all kids regardless of how well or how little they talk. We have had countless emails, phone conversations, and personal encounters from parents, teachers, and speech-language pathologists who have told us our songs are great for all kids including children with:

  • Autism
  • Apraxia of speech
  • Articulation disorders
  • Language delay
  • Down Syndrome
  • Cleft Lip and Palate
  • Hearing Loss
  • Typically developing speech

Where do I start? There are so many different song sets.

This is the common dilemma and question asked by many potential customers. I have included a chart below to help you decide. I will say, though, that every set is great for children from toddlers through preschool. Some songs are also great for early elementary but that depends on a child’s speech and language needs and developmental level.

The first question to answer is this: Do you want sets containing audio songs with printable visuals? Or do you want sets with the songs in a movie format? Visuals are important, and some children do better with the printable versions. Others do better with movies.

If movies are your preference, look at the samples of our Animation Station 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 videos here. These movies contain random collections of the same songs as our song and printable visuals sets 1, 2, 3, and 5. Just remember that any of our sets named Animation Station contain movies. The other sets contain the same songs but with printable visuals instead of movies.

Finally, do not hesitate to call us for guidance. A speech-language pathologist is ready to assist you in deciding what would work best for your child or students. Our contact number is 612-834-9001.

Should I choose the Song and Printable Visual Sets or the Animation Station movie sets for my child?

There are several factors when answering this question.

  1. The songs are the same in both the Song Sets and the Animation Station movie sets, but they have been randomly placed in the movie sets. For example, our songs from Imitation Exploration Song Set 1 are NOT the same songs as our Animation Station 1.
  2. Your decision on whether to purchase song sets or movie sets needs to be based on how your child learns. –
    1. Will your child or students relate better to the printed visuals that illustrate each song or from more animated-like videos that they can watch? With young children under the age of 3, we always recommend the songs with the printed visuals. We want screen time to be closely monitored for all children.
    2. I recommend listening to song samples, check out our printable visuals, and watch the samples of our videos. That is the best way to decide.

My child is a typically developing. What should I buy?

Children from infants to early elementary LOVE our songs and visuals. Virtually all of our sets are excellent for kids, whether they are developing normally or have difficulty learning to talk, but here is a general recommendation.

  • Imitation Exploration Set 1, is the easiest and the one I recommend for the youngest children.  (age 2-5)
  • Rock and Roll with a Language Goal Set 2 is best for children who are already using some simple phrases to communicate. (age 3-7)
  • Drills for Sounds tends to be for children who need practice pronouncing specific speech sounds in words. (age 2-7)
  • Digo y canto Set 4 is a collection of songs done entirely in Spanish. They are perfect for children who want to learn Spanish and also excellent for Spanish speaking children, ones who are developing typically and those who have delays. (age 3-7)
  • Animals Movin’ and Groovin’ Set 5 is all about animals so if your child loves animals, this is the one to get. (age 2-7)

My child is not talking. What should I buy?

Regardless of a child’s age, if he or she is not yet talking or is just beginning to say some sounds and words, I would recommend Imitation Exploration Set 1. Animals Movin’ and Groovin’ Set 5 and Drills for Sounds Set 3 are also a good choices if you want to purchase several sets. The Vowel Song in Set 3 is particularly great for early talkers. Remember that the more sets you purchase, the cheaper they get.

The Animals Movin’ and Groovin’ set 5 comes with a set of Animal Faces that are perfect for encouraging imitation. I use these on a daily basis with my young clients.

My child has autism. Would these songs help my child? What should I buy?

Educators from all over the country and around the world have raved about our songs and visuals for their students with autism. Yes, our songs may be helpful. You have a couple of choices to make.

  1. Movies – Would your child do best with our movie-style songs where the songs are illustrated with an audio-visual show that he watches on a TV or computer? Or would he do best with the audio songs and the printable visuals? If the movie-style is best, the options are Animation Station 1 & 2, Animation Station 3 & 4, and Animation Station 5 & 6. You can view samples of these on our website to get an idea of whether these would be helpful for you
  2. Songs with Printable Visuals – If your child would do better with songs and printable visuals, you have choices of many sets. Depending on your child’s ability to communicate, I typically recommend Imitation Exploration Set 1 for the early communicators and Rock and Roll with a Language Goal Set 2 for kids who are more verbal.
  3. Visuals – Children with autism are typically visual learners. Our songs have been highly recommended by people who specialize in working with children with autism. Part of that is due to our visuals that accompany every set.

Copyright – Copying our songs for others

Because of copyright protection of our songs, we cannot give you permission to make copies of our songs or movies for your students or staff.

Absolutely! Those visuals were created for the purpose of sending home with your students We want your students to practice.

If you are interested in purchasing multiple copies of our songs for your students and/or staff, please contact Rachel Arntson directly at Rachel@TalkItRockIt.com to discuss a quantity discount.

Ordering and Shipping Information

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are welcome here. You can also purchase your items through Pay Pal.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes. We accept purchase orders. You can email them to Info@TalkItRockIt.com or mail them to Talk It Rock It, 19203 81st Place North, Maple Grove, MN 55311. Please include your tax exempt ID with your PO.

How do you know what to put in your store? How do you know what is helpful?

As a speech-language pathologist, the products I have created and sell on our website are tested and used personally by me. In addition, we have great customers who enjoy sharing information and product suggestions with us. I only sell what I know is helpful to children. If there is any product that you have found to be especially helpful, please let us know!

Can I be assured that your toys are free of toxins and carcinogens?

Yes. the Talk It Rock It products we create are all made in the United States. We follow stringent guidelines so that they are safe for children.

Do you offer age or safety recommendations for your Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set or other products?

All of our products are geared for children ages 2-7. Keeping that in mind, however, we request that adults supervise a child when using our Blast Off Board. Our magnets are not a choking hazard, but this is a speech and language tool more than a toy and should be used with adult and child playing together. That is where you will get the most benefit.

Our songs and visuals are for all ages. Adults will be in charge of inserting the discs or flash drives into the devices that play our songs.

I am a professional who would like to recommend your products to parents and other professionals. Do you have brochures that I could give to others?

Yes. We would love to provide you with our colorful brochures that highlight our most products. Please call us at 612-834-9001, give us your name, address, and how many brochures you would like.

How can I order?

You have many options. You can order online, directly from our website in our store. You can also email your order or purchase order to Info@TalkItRockIt.com. If you would like to order over the phone, please call (612)-834-9001, leave your phone number, and we will call you right back.

You can also order our song and movie products on Amazon.

Do you ever have discounts on products?

Yes. We offer excellent sales and advertise through our newsletter and on Facebook.

Please sign up for our newsletter here for those announcements or go to https://www.facebook.com/TalkItRockIt/

What are your shipping charges?

We will always seek to keep shipping charges as low as we possibly can. For all of our products, we are charging the cost of postage or less. For our song sets, movie sets, or books, shipping costs are between $2-5. We typically ship through USPS Media Mail for those items.  For our Blast Off Board Sets,  the cost of postage is higher due to the weight of the products. For purchases that are over $300, shipping will not exceed $15.

International shipping costs have gone up astronomically in past years. We apologize for this reality, but we, again, will charge the actual shipping cost or less to our international customers. This varies depending on whether you are from Canada, Australia, countries in Europe, or other areas of the world. At check-out, please note the shipping charges and know that we never want to charge more to a customer than what it costs us to ship.

Which carrier do you use?

At the present time, we use USPS (United States Postal Service).

Do you accept international orders?

Yes, but the prices to ship are significantly different than domestic orders. Please check the shipping costs in our shopping cart at check-out. Also, keep in mind that any customs fees in your country are not included in our shipping costs. The time the product takes to arrive at your door has varied significantly. We will email you a tracking number through www.stamps.com, however, that tracking number is only able to track until it gets to customs in your country.

What is your return policy?

We have a 30-day return period. Please call us immediately if anything is damaged or missing. We will correct, replace, or adjust any errors as soon as possible. If any product doesn’t meet with your full approval, we will make it right by exchange, credit, or refund.

As you know, when purchasing music or movies, most stores do not accept returns if they have been opened. We follow this same policy as media can be so easily copied. Musicians have difficulty staying in business because of this issue. Please call us directly with any specific concerns regarding our products. We pride ourselves in customer service but also need to protect our intellectual property.

Will my email, billing, or shipping addresses be sold to any other businesses?

No. All of your contact information is confidential and we will not share, rent, or sell any of it.

What about information privacy?

All information collected on our site is kept strictly confidential. Our shopping cart is encrypted and safe for shoppers.

Transferring songs, visuals, and movies to personal devices such as an iPad

In what formats do you sell your songs and movies?

  • Song and Printable Visual Sets – You can choose between CDs, USB flashdrives, or downloads for any of our song sets with printable visuals. If you want to load the songs onto your iPad, our flashdrives or downloads would be your best purchase option. Those files contain mp3 files which you can transfer from your computer to your iPad using the iTunes player. Sync your iPad with your computer, and the mp3 songs will transfer easily.
  • Animation Station Movie Sets – In our Animation Station movie sets, you can choose between a DVD set or a USB flashdrive set. In both of those options, we have included mov and m4v files. Those files can be transferred to your iPad through your iTunes player. You are currently not able to purchase our songs directly from your iPad. You just order through your computer and transfer them.

Are your songs and movies available through iTunes, the Apple Store, or Amazon?

We do not currently sell our songs and movies on iTunes or the Apple Store. With our download feature on our website, you can easily transfer your songs to your iPad through your computer using your iTunes player. We are happy to guide you with this process. Do not hesitate to call us at (612) 834-9001 if you are having difficulty transferring these files.

How can I get the printable visuals onto my iPad?

We have found that the easiest way to transfer our awesome song illustrations is to email them to your email on your iPad. Open them an save them to iBooks.

Do you sell on Amazon?

Yes, our song sets and movie sets are available on Amazon. You can choose between discs or flash drives, but the downloadable option is not currently available on Amazon.

Download Instructions

After completing a checkout, you will receive an email with your order details.  In the email, there will be a link to download your digital products.

Before clicking to download the products, please make sure you are on a PC or Mac computer and are using an Ethernet connection, not WiFi.  These files are large and can take some time to download.

Please do not use tablets or phones to download our digital products. The files are compressed in to .zip files and require special software to extract them.

After clicking  the file to start downloading, make sure to Save the file. Do not click Open.
This will ensure you keep the files after downloading.

Once your download is complete, please navigate to where your browser saved the file.  This is typically located in your Downloads directory on Windows.

On Windows, right click the .zip file, and select Extract All

On a Mac, right click the .zip file, and select Open With > Archive Utility

Once the file has been extracted, you are free to move the files to anywhere on your computer.