Rock and Roll with a Language Goal Song Set 2


Giving kids more complex language concepts and speech practice with catchy rock and roll tunes

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Giving kids more complex language concepts and speech practice with catchy rock and roll tunes

Rock and Roll with a Language Goal contains a variety of speech and language goals that are higher level than our Song Set 1. The variety was created from our desire to create parodies from catchy rock and roll tunes. See song titles and basic goals of each written below as well as song samples.

Benefits of Rock and Roll with a Language Goal Song Set 2

  • Gives children practice answering a variety of questions including, “what’s that, what happened, where, and yes/no.
  • Teaches language concepts such as same/different
  • Teaches 4 step sequencing
  • Promotes phonemic awareness and beginning letter sounds
  • Comes with printable visuals to enhance learning for each song
  • Promotes multi-syllable word imitation practice
  • Exposes children to vocabulary from different social situations such as going to the park, playing ball with a friend, and learning how to stand in line
  • Encourages generalization of vocabulary through suggested activities related to the songs

Great for all children but especially for

  • Preschoolers
  • Early elementary age
  • Kids with autism
  • Kids with delayed speech and language skills but who are speaking in phrases
  • Kids of all ages depending on the child’s skill level – (We have found many older children who love our songs as they offer them enjoyable speech practice at a level they feel successful)
  • Adults especially love this set. The songs get stuck in your head!

Product Details

  • 22 simple, catchy songs
  • Files of over 250 printable visuals in color and black and white that illustrate each song (can be printed or emailed to your iPad and viewed through iBooks)
  • Kids and adults singing together and taking verbal turns
  • 2 instrumental tracks to create word and phrase practices specifically for your child
  • 12 page manual with suggested activities to enhance each song
  • Lyrics of every song
  • Free download of songs in Mp3 format when you purchase the USB or CD set.
  • Thematic grouping of songs from all our sets

Song Names, Samples, and Goals

Rock and Roll with a Language Goal 1 Song Names and Primary Goals

  1. Cheese and Macaroni – Foods
  2. Slide – Vocabulary
  3. Bananas – Foods
  4. Brush – Concepts of same/different
  5. Go – Vehicles/”Go” imitation
  6. Round  We Go – Interaction song
  7. I dressed Myself – Clothes/storytelling
  8. I Love – L sound, common objects
  9. What Happened? – “What” questions
  10. No Way – Yes/No questions and verbal absurdities
  11. Scrambled Eggs – Four-step sequences
  12. Uh-Oh – Vocabulary

Set 2 CD 1 Sound Bites

Rock and Roll with a Language Goal 2 Song Names and Primary Goals

  1. Ball, Ball, Ball – Interaction Song
  2. Singing a Song – Syllable imitation/actions
  3. I Hear – Environmental sounds and listening
  4. Ha Ha Hiding – Hiding game with prepositions and question, “Where?”
  5. Alphabeat – Foods/beginning letter sounds for phonemic awareness
  6. Help Me Mama – Asking for help
  7. What’s That? – Common objects and understanding the question, “What?”
  8. Where Did My Shoes Go? – Searching game
  9. Snowman – Two-word phrase imitation/parts of a snowman
  10. Stop at the Door – Standing in line
  11. -12. Instrumentals of What’s That? And Alphabeat to create your own verses

Set 2 CD 2 Sound Bites

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