About Us

Talk It Rock It was created to enhance the speech and language skills of children through exciting and verbally enticing songs. These songs are fun for all kids, not only those who may show a delay in communicating.

Our songs are uniquely embedded with specific speech and language goals. Written by a speech-language pathologist, each song is packed with speech and language techniques, and children enjoy practicing these songs while they build their communication skills. We believe learning is fun!

Please, don’t be intimidated if you aren’t an educator! All of our music is great for kids no matter if you are a parent, day-care provider, grandparent, or just happen to know a child that our music can help. We know their life will be enhanced by our dynamic way to teach imitation, develop larger vocabularies, and improve the ability to sequence sounds to produce words and phrases.

Why our technique stands out

Our songs are helpful in expanding the speech and language goals of children who are developing typically, as well as those with apraxia of speech, autism, cleft palate, hearing loss, Down Syndrome, and other speech and language delays and disorders. We’ve used our songs and have taught our techniques to others for decades. Our success is based upon the hard work from these experiences and the countless number of testimonials we have received from educators and parents.

  • Our songs are filled with repetition of sounds, words, and phrases. We often repeat words in “chains of three” allowing children to practice sequencing sounds and syllables together — preparing them for phrases and multi-syllable words.
  • The words in our songs are slower paced, yet have not lost the upbeat flow to keep children interested and attentive
  • Our songs feature adults and kids singing together and taking verbal turns. We often use the phrase, “your turn”, in our songs to increase imitation.
  • We create our songs with a progression of sounds, words, and phrases in mind to help children progress from simple to complex
  • Our songs often contain simple consonant-vowel productions, single words, and simple phrases all within the same song to allow for different skill levels of children in the same group
  • Our CD sets focus on different speech and language goals, and vary in complexity which helps challenge your child and learn more effectively
  • Our CD sets contain visuals that illustrate our songs. Visuals are essential to get the full effect of speech and language learning.
  • We always have a speech-language pathologist available to guide you in choosing the right CD set or sets for your child or classroom.

To learn more about the importance of music education, here is a great video.

About our Founder

Rachel Arntson

Rachel Arntson, MS, CCC, has been a Speech-Language Pathologist in the greater Minneapolis, Minnesota area since 1980 and has presented her techniques in 25 states in the US, as well as Canada, and Ireland. With over 30 years of experience, she retired from her full-time job in early intervention with the Osseo School District in Maple Grove, Minnesota in 2015 to fully devote her energy to Talk It Rock It. She has presented to standing-room-only crowds at the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) national convention for many years, to the Division of Early Childhood’s International Conference On Young Children With Special Needs & Their Families, and was an invited speaker to the ASHA Health and Business Institute and the AAPPSPA American Academy of Private Practice in Speech Pathology. She has presented a live webinar for ASHA entitled Music and Autism — Connections in a Disconnected World. In addition, she has presented for Northern Speech Services and at state conventions throughout the country.

Rachel is best known for her seminars on using music to enhance speech and language skills in children. She created Kids’ Express Train products after realizing her passion for music as therapeutic tools to help kids learn, and this has evolved into Talk It Rock It. To contact Rachel for a speaking engagement or just to ask a question, please visit our contact page.