Drills for Sounds Song Set 3


Giving kids specific sound practice in consonant-vowels, words, and phrases


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Giving kids specific sound practice in consonant-vowels, words, and phrases

Some children need practice saying specific speech sounds and combining them in words and phrases. Drills for Sounds Song Set 3 offers that practice. Our Drills for Sounds Song Set 3, combined with our Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set, will give you a complete program that is so much more fun than flashcards!

See song titles and basic goals of each written below as well as song samples.

Benefits of Drills for Sounds Song Set 3

  • Gives countless imitation opportunities of simple words and phrases emphasizing the following consonants: vowels, h, m, w, t, d, n, k, f, s, sh, ch, y, b, and j.
  • Teaches early functional vocabulary at a level similar to Song Set 1
  • Comes with printable visuals to enhance learning for each song
  • Promotes more consistent imitation with the cue, “your turn” on most songs
  • Gives children opportunity for gross motor movement with action songs
  • Encourages early literacy by focusing on beginning letter sounds, an important precursor to reading

Great for all children but especially for

  • Toddlers
  • Preschoolers
  • Kids with apraxia
  • Early elementary age
  • Kids with articulation disorders
  • Kids with phonological disorders
  • Kids with delayed or limited speech and language skills
  • Kids with autism
  • Kids of all ages depending on the child’s skill level – (We have found many older children who love our songs as they offer them enjoyable speech practice at a level they feel successful)
  • Parents, speech-language pathologists, and educators who are looking for a learning tool for children

What others say about Drills for Sounds

It’s all about good material! I am a speech-language pathologist who found myself in a preschool classroom for children with severe articulation disorders. I knew I needed something to motivate them for the hard work ahead. I was looking for enticing speech-language practice that could help get them pronouncing sounds and words. Drills for Sounds does just that! It emphasizes specific speech sounds in a fun way. I love the Vowel song as it gives kids practice combining vowels. It’s hard to find any published material that helps with vowels, and this is awesome. This set also contains songs emphasizing k, f, sh, t+n, w, and many more. In addition, there is a file of visuals to print out that illustrate each song. They are great for giving home practice to students!

– Susan Field, Speech-Language Pathologist


Summertime drill! I’ve had this CD for a while and decided to get it out and use it this summer with my articulation kids for some summer fun! Although it says “drill” the kids don’t know it is drill! They are just learning new songs and want to do them again and again. Practice those sounds!! Let’s me change things up for the summer. The pictures are fun too!

– Elizabeth Straka, Speech-Language Pathologist


These songs are great for helping kids learn how to pronounce their sounds the correct way and practice. They are lots of fun and the kids enjoy them. Very catchy tunes.

– Speech-Language Pathologist


This is my favorite CD for working on articulation sounds with my younger students. They get so excited when we use these songs to target their sounds. Lots of repetition and catchy instructions for placement as well.

– Amazon customer and speech-language pathologist


These songs and visuals are a must for working with kids with apraxia of speech, in particular. (They’re also super for a plain ol’ speech delay.) Add a little video modeling, an echo mic for auditory feedback, a mirror for visual feedback, some tactile & kinesthetic cues (along the lines of the PROMPT method), a swing for vestibular stimulation (if you can) and you’ve got a recipe for success! I’ve used these brilliant materials for over a decade. I’ve had so many little ones (with autism, seizure disorder, or straight up CAS) go from being mute to being a motor mouth. The songs are also a great energizer and motivator for kids with syndromes who just need to add final consonants or build their spoken vocabulary. The songs are also great for circle time in a special ed room. Thank you, Rachel, for sharing your creative talents!

– Carrie, Speech-Language Pathologist

Product Details

  • 25 simple, catchy songs
  • Files of 200 printable visuals in color and black and white that each song (can be printed or emailed to your iPad and viewed through iBooks)
  • Kids and adults singing together and taking verbal turns
  • 2 instrumental tracks to create word and phrase practices specifically for your child
  • 12 page manual with suggested activities to enhance each song
  • Lyrics of every song
  • Free download of songs in Mp3 format when you purchase the USB or CD set.
  • Thematic grouping of songs from all our sets

Song Names, Samples, and Goals

Drills for Sounds 1 Song Names and Primary Goals

  1. Jump on the Choo Choo – Ch, J sounds
  2. Vowels – Vowel combinations
  3. Happy Birthday Cake and Cookies – K sound
  4. Ha, Ha, Ha – H sound
  5. A Monkey, a Moose, and a Mouse – M sound
  6. Wheels – W sound
  7. Tiny Tony – Body parts and T+N sound combinations
  8. Howls and Hoots – Storytelling/animal sounds
  9. Fish, Sharks, and Shells – F, Sh sounds
  10. Hissing Snake – S sound
  11. No, No, Nigh, Night – Going to bed and N sound
  12. All Done Playing – Cleaning up toys and D sound

Set 3 CD 1 Sound Bites

Drills for Sounds 2 Song Names and Primary Goals

  1. Bus, Boat, Bike – Vehicles
  2. Fish, Birds, Bunnies – Gross motor imitation
  3. Ride the Horsie – Y, W sounds
  4. Talk and Look – Common objects pointing to and imitating
  5. I See a Bug – Two-word phrases/colors
  6. Let Me Hear You Say – Two-syllable words
  7. In, Out, Up, Down – Prepositions
  8. Shake and Wave – Gross motor imitation
  9. Sounds Make Words – Combining sounds
  10. What’s That? – Common objects and using the question, “What?”
  11. Hippopotamus – Storytelling
  12. -13. Instrumentals of Fish, Birds, Bunnies and Let Me Hear You Say to create your own songs

Set 3 CD 2 Sound Bites

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