Be a Team for your Child – Teachers and Parents Together

Several years ago, I wrote an article entitled Hey There Educators – Who Needs You More? You may want to read that over as you begin a new school year. But for now, let’s talk about being a team! ‎

Parents, as you begin a new year with your child in school, think about what your child’s needs and strengths are. Let your teacher know about anything that may help your child be successful and comfortable. Teachers, truly listen to your parents. They are leaving their precious gifts in your watch, and they need to learn to trust you. It takes time to build a relationship that is positive, warm, and caring.

I’ll never forget my daughter’s first grade teacher, Mrs. Hoeschen. Her compassion combined with competence was truly a masterpiece to watch. Our daughter was in the height of chemo-therapy treatments, and Mrs. Hoeschen had a plan for our little girl that covered every base from academics to medical needs. AND she listened to us, the parents. She put us at ease immediately. I hope every teacher truly knows how deeply important you are.

Parents, I hope you understand just how impossible the job of a teacher is. I hope you also see how these miracle workers somehow manage the impossible every day. So if I may be so bold, I have a few suggestions for parents as well. Be realistic and know your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Build on the strengths and teach strategies to manage the weaknesses at home so that she can use those same strategies at school. At home, if your child has a difficult time sharing, following directions, conforming to a schedule or a break in routine, cleaning up, taking no for an answer when he wants to use an iPad, listening to others, showing compassion for those who are hurting, being helpful, etc., there is a strong possibility that those same skills will be difficult for him in school. If you struggle with anything at home, don’t be shocked if you hear that your child struggles in school with the same things. Be patient and supportive of your teacher as he or she tries to understand and guide your child’s learning.  As a former educator, the support I received from parents was so important! Thank you, on behalf of all educators, for your support of them.

I encourage all of you today to set a goal of being a TEAM together – the child, the parent, and the teacher. You will have frustrations as you continue your year. Just keep those lines of communication open. Best wishes for a new year!

Here are a couple of greeting songs that may be useful in your first days back at school. Enjoy!

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Who’s in the Window? (I’m a Little Teapot)  (Use a picture frame or poster board cut in the shape of a window. Take turns passing the frame or each child can have their own frame, perhaps of a different color.)

Who’s in the (blue) window? Who do we see?

Jacob, Jacob lookin’ at me.

Hello Jacob. Hi, Hi, Hi

Hello How Are You? (Mary Had a Little Lamb) © Rachel Arntson, 2003

Hello children, how are you?

How are you? How are you?

Hello children, how are you?

Who is sitting next to you?


Erik’s sitting next to you.

Hello, Erik, how are you?

Hello Erik, how are you?

Who is sitting next to you?

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