The BLAST OFF BOARD Sound Sequencing Set is finally here!

Are you tired of using picture cards for speech practice ?

You need the Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set which combines speech practice all while having fun! This amazing new product is especially excellent for children with apraxia, articulation delays, or other sound sequencing disorders.

Do you need sound sequencing practice that is motivating for young children?

The Blast Off Board is a complete sound sequencing program from vowels to multi-syllabic words and phrases. This amazing tool is a high quality, durable product made entirely in the USA.

The Blast Off Board is 30 boards in 1!

Based on the concept of our Push-Pull Puzzle, the Blast Off Board is a two-sided magnetic-receptive board with 10 holes cut into it. Children match the magnetic pictures to the front of the board and push them out the other side through the holes. Children have a “blast” pushing the pictures that are embedded into a scene on the back.

You need just 1 Board, but it becomes 30 boards in 1 as you add magnets and overlays! Go to to read about this new and exciting product.

There are 3 components to the Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set

1. The Blast Off Board Starter Set –

The starter set contains the magnetic board with 10 magnets of common objects chosen for phonemic variety.

2. Level 1 Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set –

This set contains 13 magnet sets and overlays of sound sequences starting with vowels and vowel combinations, and progressing to consonant-vowels (CV), CVCV, VC, VCV, two-word phrases, and final consonants. This is an excellent program for children with apraxia or other sound sequencing difficulties.

 3. Level 2 Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set –

This set features 16 magnet sets/overlays of beginning consonant sounds in 1 syllable words and some 2 syllable words. This is a typical articulation set of initial consonants.

Check out this amazing new product. I used the prototype for years, and I am THRILLED that I am finally able to share it with others! Kids LOVE it!

2 thoughts on “The BLAST OFF BOARD Sound Sequencing Set is finally here!

    1. Hello Lavelle,
      1 1/2 years is young, but I can say that my granddaughter, who is developing typically, has been using it since she was just 2, and she LOVES it. Children just need to be 100% supervised when they are that young. Every time I see her she asks me if I have brought my puzzle. She learned to match the shape and color very quickly, so I think it would be a great toy for your grandchild to “grow into.” I would probably start with the Blast Off Board Starter Set. You can always add new overlays and magnets as he/she continues to grown. The CVCV Level 1 and Level 2 overlays would be great for him/her also. Thanks for asking.

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