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Summer Song 
Living in Minnesota or anywhere in the northern US brings an intense love for summer. I love summer and camping! I love doing so many things that we cannot do in the winter months. This winter was especially long with a 22 inch snow storm in late April. Seriously!
So, in honor of SUMMER, I wrote a little poem/song below to share with you and your students, clients, kids. I challenge all of you to do the following things with this song.
  1. Illustrate the lyrics and have your students do the same. (I promise to do the same as well and will share them in the very near future.) Combining visuals with auditory is always a positive learning tool.
  2. Ask your students to make their own Summer Plan. You can start to explore descriptive words, action words, and imagination as you talk about what you all love to do in the summer. You can go to a rhyming dictionary online such as to find words that rhyme with your lyrics. Writing a song is a great way to teach your children about rhyming, an important precursor to literacy.
  3. Put these lyrics to a tune. In writing a song, I often start with the lyrics. Then I read the lyrics in a rhythmic and sing/song way to follow the natural, musical flow. That will lead you to your own unique song and melody. You can sing this song or turn it into a rap with some rhythm instruments. Let your imagination be your guide.
  4. Share your song with all of us. I would love to publish your added verses in my blog and newsletter. With your order, please add your song to the message section in the shopping cart or send it to my Facebook page.
  5. Take advantage of this 30% off SUMMER PLAN. Here’s my SUMMER PLAN for you. I want each of you to have songs to listen to in the car as you are driving to some of your amazing summer adventures. My granddaughter is ALWAYS asking for “Grandma’s Songs” while we are driving. They have been an incredible learning tool for her.

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Summer Plan
I’m going to the beach. I’m going to eat a peach.
That’s my summer plan today.                                     
I’m going to read a book. I’ll be fishing with a hook.
That’s my summer plan today.                                            
I’ll run in the rain. I’ll ride on a train.
That’s my summer plan today.                                             
I’ll play in the park, draw a picture of a shark.
That’s my summer plan today.
   Summer plans are grand! Summer plans are great.
Summer plans start now. Don’t wait. Don’t wait!
Thank you for your support of our small but mighty company – a company that provides “simple songs that kids can simply sing!”
Thank you again!
Rachel Arntson,
Speech-language pathologist,  M.S., CCC-SLP
Owner, Talk It Rock It

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