Do Children’s Songs Go Too Fast?  We have a Solution!

Do children’s songs go TOO FAST! No problem. It’s easy to slow them down.

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Do Children’s Songs Go Too Fast? We have a Solution!


Do children’s songs go too fast? When we record children’s songs, we often think about this question. We also have many other goals in mind for any songs we create.

– Slow pace

– Embedded speech and language goals and techniques

– Frequent repetition of simple words and phrases

– Some instrumental tracks to create your own speech practice songs

– Visuals that illustrate each song to enhance learning

BUT we understand that every child is different.

We also understand that the speech of some songs may still need to be adjusted to meet a child’s needs. It is true that some children’s songs go too fast.


Download the free app, Music Speed Changer, by Single Minded Productions, LLS

You can load this app on your smartphone, computer, or tablet and play any of our songs at normal, slower, or faster speed. What is so amazing about this app is that the pitch does not change, and the words and voice do not get distorted. Oh how technology has changed!

There are many other speed changers, too!

Although I currently have Music Speed Changer on my cellphone, I have had Anytune on my iPad. The point is that there are many options for you. I have found Music Speed Changer easy to use for our purposes.


Have you tried our songs for speech therapy sessions, for preschool groups, or for home practice?

We believe that songs and visuals should be used for all kids. Music enhances learning, plain and simple. We have a song for endless speech and language goals! Go HERE to listen to song samples of EVERY song we sell. And remember that our songs also come with printable visuals.

Do you want to try our songs and visuals? Would 50% off entice you?

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This deal includes the following individual song sets:

– Imitation Exploration Song Set 1 – Simple imitation of sounds, words, and phrases

– Rock and Roll with a Language Goal Song Set 2 – Language tasks using catchy rock and roll tunes

– Drills for Sounds Song Set 3 – Sound sequencing and articulation practice of specific speech sounds, especially great for children with apraxia

– Digo y canto Song Set 5 – Speech and language practice for Spanish Language Learners

– Animals Movin’ and Groovin’ Song Set 5 – Imitation opportunities for gross motor movement and animal sounds – This set comes with the MUST-HAVE Animal Face Posters. Read on to learn a new song using our animal faces.

Have you seen our new video using our Animal Faces?

This video will teach you a simple but effective song for helping children learn to verbally imitate. Go to to view.

Coupon code for 50% Off –

At check out, write the coupon code, SongSets, and you will receive 50% off a single set or multiples of sets to use as loaners for your clients or as gifts. This sale does NOT include our combo sets which are already discounted.


Thank you for your support of our small but mighty company – a company that provides “simple songs that kids can simply sing!”

Thank you again!

Rachel Arntson,

Speech-language pathologist,  M.S., CCC-SLP

Owner, Talk It Rock It

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