Our instrumental tracks are under-utilized. Here’s a free one for you!

Instrumental Tracks 

Individualized speech and language practice put to music

Have you ever written a little song or poem to teach your students or child

– a language concept?

– how to imitate signs and other hand gestures?

– how to follow verbal directions?

– how to name objects?

– how to imitate simple words and phrases?

If not, I encourage you to explore the gift of creating your own songs.

I’m here to help you by giving you some lyrics and a FREE instrumental track. Download your free track here.

I call this track, My Eyes, Nose, Hair, Toes. As you listen, you may recognize this song as The Mexican Hat Dance. This is a public domain tune that can be used by educators without fear of copyright laws.

Would you like some lyrics for this wonderful tune?

I wrote these lyrics for a parent who wanted to teach her child to point to body parts during their diaper changing routine.

My Eyes, Nose, Hair, Toes © Rachel Arntson lyrics, tune Mexican Hat Dance, public domain

My eyes, eyes, eyes. My nose, nose, nose.

My hair, hair, hair. My toes, toes, toes.

My hands, hands, hands. My feet, feet, feet.

My arms, arms, arms. Isn’t that neat?

Na na na na na na na, na na na na na na

Na na na na na na na, na na na na na na

(These CV practices can vary according to your child’s needs.)

(During CV practices, encourage your child to dance and sing at the same time)

Here’s another song for you using this Mexican Hat Dance instrumental. I wrote these lyrics to help a child enjoy or at least tolerate the tooth brushing routine without crying. All children benefit from songs during daily routines, but kids who struggle with specific routines REALLY NEED THEM! I even use this song with my granddaughter, and she loves it.

Songs are very helpful for routines, especially difficult ones, because of these features:

– Songs have a clear beginning and end.

– Songs are predictable.

– Songs can teach the sequence of an event or routine.

I Brush My Teeth © Rachel Arntson, lyrics, Tune, Mexican Hat Dance, public domain

I brush my teeth in the morning. I brush my teeth at night.

I brush and brush and brush and brush to make them clean and bright.

I brush my teeth on the bottom. I brush my teeth on top.

I brush and brush and brush and brush. I brush and then I stop.

Ch ch ch ch ch ch. Ch ch ch ch ch ch

Ch ch ch ch ch ch. Ch ch ch ch ch ch

We know that OUR songs are GREAT for kids. But we also believe so strongly in parents, speech-language pathologists, and other educators creating your own. Every child is different and may need a different speech and language focus.

Let our instrumental tracks help you create your own songs:

In the Song Sets below, available in CD, USB, or download, we have included instrumental tracks:

Imitation Exploration Song Set 1 – Five instrumental tracks

Rock and Roll with a Language Goal Song Set 2 – Two tracks

Drills for Sounds Song Set 3 – Two tracks

Digo y canto Song Set 4 – Five tracks

Please share your created songs with us! By sending us your song through Facebook or Instagram, we will put your name in a hat for $50 off your next order! We just ask that you let us share your song with our newsletter readers and social media followers. Please post your song idea on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TalkItRockIt/ or on Instagram at Talk It Rock It.

Have you seen our Animal Face Posters? Would you like to learn ANOTHER SONG? 

Animal Face Posters

Check out our new video teaching a song to use with these faces. Our animal faces give children the important cue that some need to take a verbal turn. Click here.

Learn this new song today! And check out our Animal Faces on our website here.

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At check out, write the coupon code, SongSets, and you will receive 50% off a single set or multiples of sets to use as loaners for your clients or as gifts. This sale does NOT include our combo sets which are already discounted. This includes the individual song sets 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Thank you for your support of our small but mighty company – a company that provides “simple songs that kids can simply sing!”

Thank you again!

Rachel Arntson,

Speech-language pathologist,  M.S., CCC-SLP

Owner, Talk It Rock It

2 thoughts on “Our instrumental tracks are under-utilized. Here’s a free one for you!

    1. Thank you for your suggestion. Our music is not an app, as you know, but they can easily be transferred to an iPad when you load the files to your computer and then transfer them to the iPad by syncing the two. We created printable visuals that can also be viewed using emailed to your iPad and viewed using iBooks. Our Animation Station videos of our songs can also be transferred to an iPad using the iTunes player on your computer and then syncing the two devices. We have our songs available on USB flashdrives now to make this process a little bit easier. Thank you for your suggestion. Although we do not have an app with interactive capability, we feel that, in many ways, our songs, visuals, and movies provide great opportunities for speech practice that apps sometimes don’t provide. Take care.

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