My Child Isn’t Talking? What can I do to help?

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WE CAN TALK is either FREE or on sale!

My child isn’t talking. What can I do to help? I have heard that countless times in my 30+ years of my career as a speech-language pathologist. Because of that, I wrote a book of typical techniques that I explained and taught to parents of children with speech and language delay.

I decided to create a series of videos based on my WE CAN TALK book.  I want to answer that concern that “my child isn’t talking.”

The last 25 years of my career I spent working in early intervention. I did home visits, worked directly with children, and coached parents. Oh, how I loved that job! There are so many components to working in a family’s home. Every child, every family, and every routine is unique. Over the years, though, I have developed a flexible system for working with families, and I have decided to share them through videos on You Tube. 

Starting with 9 techniques listed in my WE CAN TALK book, I have recorded my thoughts on how to enhance the speech and language of young children. I have posted the first one which is entitled, “My Child Isn’t Talking. What Can I Do To Help? Wait, Watch, and Wonder.

To view this training video, you can go to Also, please sign up on my Talk It Rock It You Tube channel. I will continue to share additional videos ranging from 2 minutes to 10 minutes. 

Please share these videos and my WE CAN TALK book with parents on your caseload and on any social media. 

WE CAN TALK can give you a format for coaching parents, for teaching staff at daycares or schools, and for any other caregiver working with kids. It can also give you ideas on how to work with kids. Of course, I wrote the book for children with speech and language delay, but these techniques are good for all children. Although my videos will be helpful, the WE CAN TALK book describes the techniques more fully.

Go to my website here for more information and a video describing WE CAN TALK. 

WE CAN TALK is either FREE or on sale!

Until Oct. 25, WE CAN TALK is on sale for $8.00. Use the coupon code, WECANTALK, at check-out for this discount. 

Or, if you purchase any products totaling $50 or higher, you will get the WE CAN TALK book for FREE. For this discount, use the code, Freebook, at check-out. These discounts will not be applied without the coupon codes.  

Thank you for your support of Talk It Rock It! There is no greater joy than to help a child find his/her voice!

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