Blast Off Board

Are you tired of using picture cards for speech practice? The Blast Off Board combines speech practice with interaction, play, and fun and is especially geared for children with apraxia, articulation delays, or other sound sequencing disorders. This amazing tool is a complete sound sequencing program from vowels to multi-syllabic words and phrases. The Blast Off Board with accompanying magnets and overlays is a high quality, durable product made in the USA.

In addition to the sound sequencing set, we are also excited to offer our Blast Off Board Language Sets. Each overlay/ magnet set features a category such as farm animals, actions, and more. Now you can emoticons vocabulary building in a fun and interactive way.

Are you excited about both Level 1 and Level 2 Sound Sequence Sets? We have a special price for those who want to purchase both!

How does the Blast Off Board work?