Finding Your Voice – Songs for Kids with Trachs


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Finding Your Voice – Songs for Kids with Trachs

Findng Your Voice – Songs for Kids with Trachs comes to you as a collaborative effort from Tracheostomy Education and Talk it Rock It, to provide enjoyable speech practice specifically for children with tracheostomy or mechanical ventilation!

The songs we chose for Finding Your Voice come from our already existing song sets. These songs specifically focus on simple sounds, words, and phrases that would be the easiest for children with trachs to sing. They allow for the child to explore using their upper airway. Children with tracheostomy may have limited voicing as they mostly breathe in and out through the trach tube. Some children may vocalize around the tracheostomy tube. Occluding the tracheostomy tube, such as with a speaking valve, increases airflow through the upper airway and can allow for improved speech. A trained clinician can assess the child to determine if a speaking valve is appropriate. Learning to breathe and speak through the upper airway may be a frightening time for some children.

Our songs provide a less stressful approach to allow the child to verbalize and use the upper airway. The goal of the whole set is to provide enjoyable speech practice for children with tracheostomy or mechanical ventilation.

The USB contains 15 songs that focus on helping children achieve vocalization through imitation and verbal turn-taking. Also included in the set are 3 instrumental tracks, printable illustrations and a manual of activities and instructions for each song!  Please note – Although this set was created for kids with trachs, these songs are also excellent for any child who is not yet talking, is not consistently imitating, or is at the beginning stages of using sounds and words to communicate.

Finding Your Voice – Songs for Kids with Trachs

Songs included in this set are:

  1. Animals – Animal sounds
  2. Monkey Song – Vowels
  3. On the Farm – Animal sounds
  4. Vowels – Vowel combinations
  5. Howls and Hoots – Vowels and consonant-vowels (CV)
  6. Ha Ha Ha – CV structures and laughing
  7. The New BMW – CV structures
  8. Tongue Tip Time – CV structures
  9. Let’s Eat – Single words
  10. Baby Blowing Bubbles – Words and phrases
  11. Hi – Two-word phrases
  12. Puppy, Puppy, Puppy – Action words
  13. Bye – Two-word phrases
  14. I See a Bug – Phrases with color names
  15. What’s That? – Naming and phrases

Examples of our printable visuals are shown here and include a Song Request Sheet, Activity Sheets, and Small and Large Follow Along Sheets. These visuals can be given to clients for home practice or during therapy sessions.

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