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While we didn’t write these songs, when we heard them we immediately contacted the author to include them on our website! Also written by a speech-language pathologist and a music therapist, these songs teach very specific goals such as prepositions, actions, colors, body parts, clothing and much more. This set includes great visuals, too.


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Plain Talkin’contains a CD with 11 songs and 10 instrumental tracks that focus on a variety of different speech and language goals including color identification, pronoun use, understanding WH questions, producing prepositions, and much more. Also included are visuals to download for all of the songs, 4 Powerpoint presentations, lyrics, and a manual of sample lesson plans, activities and goals. These songs, visual aids, and lesson plans may be used in classrooms, speech therapy sessions, music therapy sessions, or at home! Parents and children alike will love these catchy and modern tunes because they vary in genre from pop to blues. When your child wants to listen for the 100th time, you’ll be excited to listen, too: Just remember that repetition is the key to learning.

Included materials:

  1. One music CD with 11 songs and 10 instrumental tracks that focus on a variety of speech and language goals
  2. Manual with activities and objectives for each song
  3. CD-ROM including visuals to download for the songs
  4. Powerpoint presentations that illustrate 4 songs
  5. Lyrics

Plain Talkin’ Songs and Goals

  1. Hello Song – Social greetings
  2. Ball Blues – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person pronouns
  3. Preposition Mission – Prepositions and where questions
  4. Johnny Found a Sock – Body parts and clothing
  5. Where Does It Go? – Answering where questions
  6. Potty Song – Requesting in sentences
  7. Restroom Song – Requesting in sentences
  8. Thank You Very Much – Social gratitude
  9. Action Interaction – Is+ing verbing
  10. Larry Likes Lollipops – Colors

Plain Talkin' Sound Bites


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