Animation Station 1 DVD


Geared for children from preschool to early elementary age

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Animation Station 1 is an audio-visual show illustrating 12 songs from Imitation Exploration and Rock and Roll with a Language Goal. This show is loaded into your computer or iPad and depicts actual photographs and printed words as you listen and sing with the songs. The illustrations used in Animation Station 1 contain actual photographs of children and objects focused on the lyrics of the songs. Combined, they achieve a variety of goals including learning common vocabulary words, sentence construction, phonemic awareness of beginning letter sounds, concepts of same and different, and multi-syllabic word production. Animation Station 1 is excellent, not only for children with speech and language delays and disorders, but also for children learning English as a second language.


Songs on Animation Station 1

  1. Baby Blowing Bubbles
  2. Milk and Juice
  3. Let’s Eat
  4. Put Them On
  5. Cheese and Macaroni
  6. Slide
  7. Bananas
  8. Brush
  9. Go
  10. I Love
  11. Alphabeat
  12. What’s That?


Video sample of Animation Station 1


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