Song Sets

Giving kids a speech and language boost with music and visuals!

Our Songs are Created with Specific Speech and Language Goals in Mind Combined with FUN – We won’t forget FUN!

We know that the education of young children will be enhanced through music. Music is a powerful tool that keeps kids attentive and motivated. Consider using our songs for

  • small group circle times
  • individual speech therapy sessions
  • home practice.

Have you ever had a song get stuck in your head? It’s a real phenomenon, so why not use that to teach our young children to talk, imitate, understand language, and interact? Our exciting, verbally enticing songs are packed with speech and language goals and techniques.

How do our songs compare to others?

  • Created by a speech-language pathologist solely for speech and language learning, our songs are unique and
  • Frequent repetition of sounds, words, and phrases – Children learn to sequence sounds, syllables, and words with our “chains of three” technique so often used in our songs
  • Slower pace – Children benefit from songs that are presented more slowly, allowing them more opportunity to practice at a speed they can handle.
  • Songs with visuals – Songs are a great learning tool, but when they are combined with visuals, learning is enhanced that much more. Visuals are essential, and ALL of our song sets include either printed visuals or simple movies.
  • Adults and kids taking verbal turns – Children often need a reminder to participate. Our songs include adults saying, “Your turn,” with children repeating or answering.
  • Helpful for kids with speech and language delay, but great for all kids. Even adults love our songs, especially when they see how our songs help their kids.
  • Our songs often contain simple consonant-vowel productions, single words, and simple phrases all within the same song to allow for different skill levels of children in the same group
  • Our CD sets focus on different speech and language goals, and vary in complexity which helps challenge your child and learn more effectively
  • We always have a speech-language pathologist available to guide you in choosing the right CD set or sets for your child or classroom.